Postdoctoral positions

Postdoc positions may be available to study the molecular mechanisms of virus entry and structure-based vaccine design. Candidates with experience in protein biochemistry, x-ray crystallography, or virology are encouraged to contact Rebecca DuBois. Please send a brief statement of research interests and a CV with a list of three references to rmdubois@ucsc.edu.

Graduate students

We plan to accept 1-2 new graduate students per academic year into the lab. Please apply to the UCSC Graduate Training Program in Biomedical Science and Engineering in the track that best fits your experience and interests.  Please note your interest in our lab in your application.

Undergraduate students

We accept new undergraduate student researchers in the lab every year.  Expectations for undergraduate student researchers in the DuBois lab: full-time summer research in the lab, 10-15 hours/week in the lab during the school year, attendance and quarterly oral presentations at weekly lab meetings, completion or planned enrollment in the 3-quarter biochemistry series (BIOC 100A,B,C,Lab), and completion of a senior thesis research project and manuscript. To inquire about future openings, please a brief statement of research interests, future goals, GPA, major, and expected graduation date to rmdubois@ucsc.edu.

Staff positions

Sorry, there are no staff positions at this time.